10 Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

As an adult, you have a whole house in which to express yourself. As a child, you only have one room. To give your child a bedroom that is all about them, a hideaway where they’ll love to spend their time, follow these simple tips. It’s time to transform their room into a place they’ll love.


Think about who your child is before you whip out those paintbrushes. You want to transform your child’s room into a personal space inspired by them, influenced by their likes, their hobbies and their personality. If they love to read, make them a seating area with a beanbag and lamp and install a little bookcase for all of their treasured tomes. If you have a little boy who loves sports and action, pop in a basketball hoop or hang a net on the wall to act as goal, equipping your son with soft balls to prevent breakages. Spend some time just watching what your child likes to do in their room, and make sure that your design caters to this.  Modern-child-room-interior-with-red-desk

Hiding Spots

Children are contradictory; even the ones who never seem to sit still enjoy having a quiet, private place to hang out, and can spend many happy hours in their den. Your creation can be tailored to your child’s interests. If you have a bookworm, create a reading nook. If you have a little actor or actress in the making, a small clubhouse constructed by you can become a valuable set piece. If you have a child obsessed with pirates, make them a ship. Your plans don’t have to be huge or ambitious: a teepee tent can provide hours of fun and can be bought or made inexpensively; and plastic, wood and even cardboard pre-built playhouses are available in abundance and are small enough to fit inside.

Get Creative

You want to create a paradise for your child, a place they’ll enjoy more than any other, so it’s time to get creative – you know them better than anyone, after all. If you child wants a pirate-themed bedroom, create a HMS bed-boat by making a mast out of cardboard poster tubes and adding a skull and crossbones flag to the top. If your daughter wants a princess theme, don’t feel the need to splash out on themed décor. Instead, buy a wash-in dye kit and turn the room into a pink palace. If your creative streak is non-existent, look at buying a themed child’s bed from a retailer such as BedzRUs.17-Creative-and-Whimsical-Kids-Rooms-17


Finding the right storage for a child’s room can be hard work. Your furniture is often scaled down, but storage boxes aren’t. It’s time to put that creative streak into gear again and find some solutions. Think about converting a big doll house into a place for puzzles or storing your little girl’s Barbie collection. Or make a nice little cushioned seat by placing an ottoman beneath the window in your child’s room, and double it up as a storage chest for those hard to place toys.creative-kids-toy-walls


Children love having sleepovers. They’re a great way for your child to bond with their friends outside of school and make some fun memories of midnight feasts and games of truth and dare. To aid your child’s hosting skills, make sure that there is somewhere for their friends to sleep when they come around. Buy a bed that slides under your child’s, or get your hands on a blow-up mattress or cushion futon that doubles as a seat during the day. If you have an indoor tent, encourage your child to incorporate it into their sleepover, and create a camping theme with marshmallows and sleeping bags.

Your child’s bedroom will have to function as everything from a place to sleep to a social club to a study area, so make sure that it’s a place they enjoy spending time. Follow these simple rules and give them the gift of a room they love.


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