10 Project Ideas of Colonial Houses to Inspire You

The architecture is marked by several styles due to its history and outstanding characteristics of each era. The colonial house are models that resemble the process of colonization, where the materials and the construction process have an identity and specific traits.

Colonial buildings are easily found in historic cities, but there is also a slight presence in farmhouses, historic centers, beach locations, inland cities, etc. Its rustic and memorable air exudes elegance and sovereignty at the same time, which has been conquering Brazilian buildings even more!

Despite the great demand for modern houses, it is possible to integrate the old using references from the colonial era. Check out some peculiarities of this style to apply in your construction:

  • Structure and facade in solid wood: If the residents wish, the house can be built with concrete blocks and apparent wooden structures.
  • Variety of windows: a large number of windows guarantee abundant natural lighting inside the house. The most common model is with glass and wood finishes in Venetian style.
  • Expressive main door: the door designates power, which is very characteristic of the style. It defines symmetry in construction, where the details are repeated faithfully to follow the equivalent lines.
  • Apparent roof with ceramic tiles: the roof design calls for several waterfalls forming slopes that add volume to the construction. This type of roof allows the rapid exit of rainwater, which facilitates the flow without the need for more elaborate systems.
  • Columns in the external area: this item guarantees support for the roof and creates an extension with the balcony located in the front area of ​​the house.

There are many characteristics to run a colonial house, choose the best way to follow your preferences, and finishes. Check out these 10 colonial house projects and get inspired to build yours and if you want.












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