10 Most Fascinating Dubai’s Modern Buildings that Will Amaze You

A city with modern architecture, one of the world’s most amazing buildings and luxury – for 40 years of poor fishing spot Dubai has grown into a world metropolis and tourist center, all this thanks to the oil. Today, Dubai is a modern city and business hub of the Middle East. Although its rapidly growing economy is based on oil, it is also a tourist center, center for real estate and financial services. More recently Dubai has fascinated the world with its construction projects and sports events.

Dubai has indeed numerous attractions like underwater hotels, ski trails closed in the middle of the desert, flavored Underground Railroad, the largest shopping center in the world, rotating buildings and much else! Everything stated is the result of the vision of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum assuming that will not have oil forever, opting instead for a few decades to turn Dubai into a world metropolis that its revenue in the future will be based on tourism.

Cayan Tower


Image via som.com

The Address Downtown Dubai

Rose Tower

Princess Tower

Emirates Office Towers

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel


Image via tripadvisor.in

Almas Tower

Burj Khalifa


Image via burjkhalifa.ae

The Technosphere

Burj Al Arab Hotel


Image via jumeirah.com


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