10 Modern Architectural Designs That Will Catch Your Eye

Architecture tells stories, gives character and form of the history, and brings us closer to it. Its power is depicting the beauty of life in every period of the existence of mankind. The old buildings have a story, a legend after all something memorable, have the characteristic of their time when they were built, in a word, they represent a masterpiece of the city where they are located.

But with the development of society, and thus the architecture, today we are witnessing a beautiful architectural buildings of modern architecture that can leave us breathless. Must recognize that in the world there are many structures that are capable of causing a storm of emotions. Some are created by architects from around the world, and some – talented and self-taught, some cause shock and surprise, others smile and joy. Mainly, they left no one indifferent. Below, you can see 10 architectural masterpieces that surely will get you out of breath.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center in Astana

Central China Television in Peking

Monolit Office Building in Bucharest, Romania


Image via Igloomedia / Cosmin Dragomir

Musee De La Roche Corail in Taiwan


Image via Dak Dzin

School of Engineering at Lancaster University in UK


Image via Nick Gutteridge

Marecollege in Leiden, The Netherlands


Image via Boris Zeisser

Bus Station in Los Lagos, Chile


Image Courtesy of TNG Arquitectos

Salmtal Secondary School Canteen in Salmtal, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany


Image Courtesy of Guido Erbring Architekturfotografie

Telefónica Móviles Building in Castilla, Cataluña, Spain


Image via Eduardo Sanchez Lopez

Casa da Musica in Porto, Portugal


Image via Philippe Ruault


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