10 Mesmerizing Indian Home Exterior Designs That You Must See

Indian architecture has been around for quite some time. It encompasses a variety of expressions through time and space, expressions that are unique to this sub-continent. The Indian architecture has its roots in its religion, history and culture. But that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t changed. On the contrary, the architecture of India has progressed with time. It has assimilated features from many different influences that came to India as a result of its global discourse with other regions of the world through its extensive history.

In this collection ofΒ 10 Mesmerizing Indian Home Exterior Designs That You Must See,Β we’ll be talking about the residential architecture of India. Traditionally, the Indian home design is among the most exotic and complex decor styles that have existed. It is a rather large country influenced by many totally different cultures so its home designs have many variants, sometimes completely different from each other. But that is very good news for everyone who is looking forΒ real estate in IndiaΒ because the multicultural influence guarantees a lot of versatility on the market.

The first thing that is noticeable on most Indian homes are the vibrant and bright colors, especially once you step inside. The rich color and texture are the key elements of the Indian home that often give a palatial feel. Often, you’ll find antique accents that fill the home with exotic flair. Most of these accents are history-themed or have a spiritual connection that promotes health and well-being. Of course, these are mostly things that you are going to find in a traditional Indian home. However, we mentioned that India has been interacting with a vast amount of cultures throughout most of its history. In the last 50 years, Indian architecture has also been evolving. There are numerous Indian homes that have been designed by creating a mixture of India’s traditional design elements and the contemporary or modern architectural styles. If you want to know how that looks like, scroll down and you’ll notice that most of the homes that we have featured in this collection have been designed using contemporary features but all of them have a distinct Indian look and feel. Enjoy!

L- Plan House

The Long House in Bengaluru

Farm House

Contemporary Indian Home Exterior

Sheela Jain Residence

Residence at Alibaug

Contemporary Exterior

Badri Residence

The Riparian House

A Tropical Home in Mumbai


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