10 Ideas On Modern House Colors

Thousands of colors to choose from, but when it comes to defining which color to paint the facade, you can’t get anywhere, right? With so many options this is more than normal. But luckily, there will always be a modern home color guide like this one here to help and inspire you.

Come with us to check it out.

Exterior modern house colors

Neutral tones

Neutral tones are always good color choices for exterior modern homes.

Here, we can go from white to black, passing through shades of gray. These colors convey sophistication, tranquility and solidity, in addition to being considered timeless, that is, they are never out of “fashion”. The ideal is to paint the entire façade with only a light neutral color, such as white or gray, and add details in darker tones, which can be gray or black. Another option is to use vibrant colors in details in contrast to neutral tones.

Earth tones

Earth tones are super high in the colors of modern exterior homes. These tones suggest calm, harmony and a desire for greater contact with nature.

Therefore, they end up being perfect on facades that also have gardens or other natural elements, such as wood and stones. Among the most used modern earth tones are terracotta, burnt pink and mustard.

Blue palette

Blue is a color always related to modern environments. She’s calm and refreshing. You can choose to use the palette of blues on the façade of the house combined with complementary, analogous, neutral or even tone-on-tone colors.

Palette of greens

Green tones are another popular trend when it comes to modern house colors. Color conveys balance, warmth and is intimately related to nature. Use it, like blue, in complementary, analogous, neutral or tone-on-tone compositions.

Trend colors

But if your intention is to follow the latest color trends, then the tip is to bet on using the colors of the year. In 2021, for example, the colors of the year chosen by Pantone, the biggest reference in color patterning in the world, were “Illuminating Yellow”, a vibrant and illuminated shade of yellow, and “Ultimate Grey”, a shade of gray.

For the Suvinil brand, the color of the year 2021 was a shade of pink inspired by the sunset. While the Coral brand chose as its color for the year 2021 the color – an earthy shade of beige.

Check out the following 10 photos of houses painted with modern exterior colors and get inspired to color yours:












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