10 Friendly Solutions For Extra Storage In The Small Bedrooms

Finding the right place for everyone in the bedroom is not easy. A space that is often not big enough to accommodate all the things we have and want to transform into place that need to be well thought out. Practical solutions include additional shelves, dressers, drawers, baskets and boxes, but they also need to be fitted so that the entire space looks neat and functional.

If you want to provide extra space in your bedroom, you will be inspired by some of the solutions offered in the examples below. If you are buying a bed and need some extra storage space for some of the things you rarely use, consider a solution where the whole bed – or mattress rises and frees up space where you can fit suitcases, shoe boxes for next season, maybe some sports accessories and more. The investment may be bigger, but you get a lot of extra storage space. Drawers under the bed, can be great storage that you can easily access and take whatever you need from them. You can arrange them to be more in small sizes or on one side of the bed, or one large, depending on how much extra space you want to provide. There are much more options, you just need to check our fascinating collection and you will remain inspired!


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