10 Fascinating Wood & Glass Staircase Designs For Elegant Home

If you follow the latest trends in decorating the interiors, you’ve probably noticed that the wooden stairs have a crucial place in many interiors this season. The natural materials, (consider the wood as a perfect design solution for stairs), for example, may seem expensive investment than the rest of the materials, such as some types of tiles, for example, but in the long-term view, tiles for several years will be changed and the wood has longer life time.

The wood as the main building material, gives always a special beauty to any space. Especially nice is to see wood combined with other materials. Wooden stairs like any other element of wood, provide special feeling of warmth in the room. The perfect combination for a modern look, is a combination of wood and glass. The combination of glass with wood or metal opens the space and gives it a modern look. This combination is the perfect solution for all those who want to enter an elegant and pleasant feeling in the home!Β For all those who are looking for some inspirational examples of stairs in combination of wood and glass, we suggest you to see our inspirational collection and you will find some interesting examples!


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