10 Extraordinary Bunk Bed Designs For Small Child’s Room

Since the child;s room simultaneously fulfills two functions: a bedroom and a room for playing, you need to make it fun and creative during the day, and quiet at night. The best for your child, is the room to be facing east or southeast, and west is also favorable, especially for children prone to hyperactivity. If you can not choose the position of the room within the home, there are a few things that could do well with that, to allow a healthy mental and physical development to your child, while stimulating its creativity.

The main task of the child’s room is to provide to your child a sense of security, happiness and coziness. Many parents try to take into account the extremely their preferences, disregarding the wishes and needs of the child. The problem of child’s room is in the numerous functions that must be successfully united: learning, playing and promoting creativity.

When it comes to the bed, the comfor and the quality should be on the first place. If you don’t have enough space for two beds in one room, you should consider some clever solution for creative use of the space. In the following ollection, we present you some extraordinary hanging bunk bed designs, which are ideal for small spaces. Beside that, they are good-looking and practical. Browse our collection, and you might find solution for your small child’s room!


Image via Corynne Pless


Image via Paul Finkel


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