10 Extraordinary Bridges You Must Cross

Everybody who loves travelling knows to appreciate the little details on the way to their destination which break the monotony of their trip. Those are things such as toll booths, unique rest areas with specific food, bad drivers or a good song on the radio which make the trip a bit more dynamic than just driving.
Bridges, however, are river crossings that most drivers feel a sigh of relief when they are on the other side because they arrived safely. Well, that’s what most bridges are, but in this collection of 10 extraordinary bridges you must cross at least once in your lifetime to feel their greatness, we will show you a handful of bridges that cause drivers and passengers to drop their jaws to the floor from amazement and rush to take their digital camera so they can memorize it forever. Enjoy!

Bosphorus Bridge – Istanbul, Turkey

This bridge is one of the two bridges in Turkey that connects Europe with Asia. The bridge was built in 1973 and it connects the village Ortakoy (from the European side) with Beylerbeyi (on the Asian side), over the Bosphorus Strait.

Millau Viaduct – Millau-Creissels, France

This bridge was completed in 2004. It is in southern France and it’s haight is 1125 feet. It only took 3 years to built this bridge and over half a billion dollars.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge – Akashi Strait, Japan

It is also known as Pearl Bridge and it is long more than 6500 feet. It connects Kobe the city with Iwaya, city on the Awaji Island across the Akashi Strait.

Langkawi Sky Bridge – Langkawi, Malaysia

This is one of the not many bridges that is built on such a great height. It is on 2300 feet above the sea level. This bridge has great view over the Andaman Sea and the Tarutao Island.

Lupu Bridge – Shanghai, China

This bridge was opened in 2003. At that time it was the longest arch bridge over 100 feet. After some time a new bridge was built and this one went on the 2nd place.

Øresund Bridge – Malmö, Sweden

This bridge connects Sweden with Denmark over the Øresund Strait. It ends on a manmade island Peberholm from where it continues to go underwater as a tunnel.


The Moses Bridge is constructed out of Accoya wood, a hi-tech wood that is supposedly harder and more durable than some of the best tropical woods. It is treated with a nontoxic anti-fungal coating to maintain its split-the-water functionality.

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California, USA

One of the most iconic bridges in the United States – the Brooklyn Bridge is in a similar class – the Golden Gate Bridge is the emblem of San Francisco and indeed, the state California. The suspension bridge spans the conflux of San Francisco Bay with the ocean and although built in 1937, endures as a favourite with architects today.

Erasmus Bridge – Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Residents of lovely Rotterdam in The Netherlands once had much less attractive methods by which to cross the Nieuwe Mass River to reach the other half of the city. Since 1996 that is no longer the case. The Erasmus Bridge has been a beacon on the Dutch landscape from day one. Upon completion, “The Swan” became an instant architectural icon.

Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy

The most notable Medieval bridge still subject to daily use, the Ponte Vecchio is one of the grand symbols of Florence.


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