10 Exterior Improvements to Make to Your House This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to make improvements to the exterior of your home. It’s not too hot to work outside, and your contractors are less likely to be booked.

It’s also a smart time to put your house on the market if you’re hoping to sell. As you prioritize your outdoor projects this spring, think about including these on your list.

1. Paint or Replace Your Front Door

It’s incredible the way a new front door revitalizes the outside of a residence. An old or low-quality door can run down the value your house.

Replace an outdated door with a new, energy-efficient model. If your door is still in good shape, give it a fresh coat of paint. Try to use a bold color that contrasts with the rest of the house for a real statement.

2. Update Landscaping

Erik Shorb, co-owner of American Plant, recommends spending 10 percent of the value of your home on landscaping.

“If you don’t have that kind of money to invest, at the minimum I would recommend adding color with annuals, perennials, or seasonal flowering shrubs; mulching; edging; removing weeds; and getting the grass as green and full as possible,” Shorb said to Fortune Builders. “Those are the quick and inexpensive fixes.

3. Replace Your Roof

Although it’s an expensive proposition, your roof has to be replaced eventually. The positive news is that it has a high return on investment — 71 percent — and prospective homebuyers love to see that a roof has been recently replaced when they consider a purchase.

Just be cautious about having a contractor working on your roof. If someone were to fall and get hurt because of negligence on your part, they might file a personal injury lawsuit against you.

4. Paint or Replace Your Siding

Siding is another expensive job, but when it’s old and no longer insulating your house properly, it must be replaced. If you can afford it, invest in fiber cement siding, which at 96 percent boasts the highest resale value.

Siding should only have to be replaced every few decades, but you can refresh the appearance of your house by pressure washing and/or painting it. You can cover about 400 square feet of a home’s exterior with a single gallon of paint, so it’s an economic investment with high-value return!

5. Refinish the Deck or Patio

Wood decks and patios are a beautiful addition to the backyard, but after a long, wet winter, they can be an eyesore. The finish will chip and peel, and it must be scraped and refinished.

Refinishing a wood patio is simple. Using a specially formulated wood stain remover and pressure washer, you can lift off most of the paint.

Sand the rough areas, then apply stain in the color of your choice. It’s a fun and fresh way to update your backyard every year!

6. Pave a Walkway

Large backyards look beautiful when they have thick, green grass, but if you walk from one point to another frequently, such as between your deck and the garden, you can wear down the grass.

The solution is to install a paved walkway. Not only will this prevent a worn-down walking path in your grass, but it will also protect shoes and clothing from plants and dirt. A paved walkway makes your backyard look more chiseled.

7. Install Exterior Lighting

Lighting is an essential, often overlooked facet of good exterior design. Inside, the focus is natural light, but outside, you need artificial light.

“More than 90% of homeowners and home buyers say that good exterior lighting is something that they want to see on any home,” says an article by Allura, a fiber cement manufacturer. “This includes lights beside the front door, accent lighting that shows off details in your architecture, and lighting within your landscaping and any usable outdoor areas.”

8. Decorate the House Exterior

Most homeowners spend ample time and money decorating their home’s interior, but they often leave the outside to speak for itself. A few decorative embellishments can go a long way, though.

Consider putting a seasonal wreath on the door, placing a metal star near the front door, setting a large potted plant on your front porch, or stringing a garland across your porch overhang. Get creative with your exterior improvements and enjoy the new look!

9. Put Up a Pergola

Cover for your patio or deck is a staple, particularly for hot summers. A pergola offers multiple uses for your backyard, including decoration, privacy, protection from rain and sun, and a shield for your deck stain.

Pergolas come in many different formats, from fully covered canvas to open slats with vines growing through them. Explore your options to add a beautiful cover for your deck.

10. Paint or Replace the Garage Door

On many residences, the garage door(s) take up 50 percent of the front of the house. An old, ugly garage door detracts from your home’s beauty.

The same way you replaced or painted the front door, do a complementary paint or replacement of your garage door. You can also play with stenciled patterns and decals to add a little pizzazz to your home’s exterior!


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