10 Divine Castles That You Must Visit Before You Die

In the whole world there are many beautiful castles, but these have a special story and history in itself, and often are served as inspiration for new buildings or children’s stories. Magic and centuries old, inside they have carved a different culture and history that captures the grandeur. In every fairy tale there is a majestic castle that is not only beautiful place for the King and Queen, but for the people also.

Today they are a tourist attractions for tourists who can freely enjoy the wonderful architecture. Although some of them are designed and built for defensive purposes, today the castles seem like a relic from a fairy tale. Solid stone buildings to oriental fortresses with decorative charm, castles are our connection with the past, places of the writing of history and the birth of many legends. If you have possibilities, you should visit them and see the whole beauty which is hidden inside.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic


Image via touropea.com

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Glamis Castle, Scotland


Image via fordsfotos.net

Sintra Castle, Portugal


Image via planetspain.es

Bam Castle, Iran

Palace of Versailles, France


Image via compassguy.com

Himeji Castle, Japan

Bran Castle- Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Windsor Castle, England

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


Image via blog.eurail.com


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