10 Delightful DIY Feather Lamps You Can Make In No Time

Romantic style of decorating requires mild colors, soft fabrics, bright tones, and feathers are part of the main decorations. Although feathers usually used for those comfortable pillows, we can now use them for other purpose- to make a beautiful DIY feather chandelier for a romantic touch in every interior design.

In the furniture shops you can buy a lightweight lampshade that is cheap enough, get a feathers, a silicone glue and a silicone gun, and you will also need a bulb cable. Start to glue the feathers on the lampshade, and set the feathers in rows, distant at least two inches.

If you think that the distance between them is big, then just add more feathers to the parts you think you should fill up. Thread the cord, put the bulb and hang the chandelier. Something like this is great for the bedroom because you will get that calm and romantic atmosphere. Feather lamps and chandeliers will also look good in every space where they are located. Check out below and see some fascinating DIY feather lamp designs that will inspire you to do the same! Have fun!


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