10 Christmas Living Room Decorating Ideas

An exciting time for preparation for the winter holidays is coming. On this occasion, we offer you a selection of ideas and tips for creating a special festive decor of your house. Here we go!

1.You can buy big red, white or blue candles, wrap them with tinsel and put on the shelves. Pour the tinted water into the vase, put confetti, small beads, berries, Christmas tree needles in it and send the candle to sail. Caution, do not forget about the rules of fire safety!

2.Decorative pillows with themed Christmas patterns made of elegant shiny fabric that skillfully emphasizes the festive theme. For example, you can purchase goose down pillows or make them yourself. The money and effort spent will not be in vain, since such bright accents enliven the interior, regardless of the time of year.

3.Christmas is always associated with sweets, so you can decorate the house with them. Just put gingerbread cookies or Candy Canes in colorful envelopes. Choose candies in paper wrappers – they melt more slowly.

4.Make some original gift wraps. How? Everything is simple: glue the boxes, for example, for shoes, face cream or microwave – let the gifts be different in size. Use paper or cover them with a cloth. Then tie: twine over the beige silk, it will look very stylish. A paper is better to be decorated with a satin ribbon.

5.The easiest way to decorate the bedroom is to make atmospheric bedding. Not necessarily with the image of Santa, it can be in red or blue with winter patterns. Of course, don’t forget to put some pillows to create the coziness in the room. The variety of them can be found at jonsguide.org.

6.Snow-covered glass, Christmas balls – paint the window the way you want. A garland framing and a candle on the windows will create a warm light in frosty December. It will look festive and beautiful!

7.Properly use the wall space to decorate your home. Relive it in the following way – take a long ribbon, hang different elements. Fasten the tape with the buttons, and hide the ends under the coniferous branches.

8.One of the most fashionable Christmas symbols are boots or gift socks. Traditionally, small gifts and sweets are placed in them, their number should coincide with the number of family members and usually, they are set above the fireplace. However, if there is no mantelpiece in your house, you can think of another spot for them. For example, a chest of drawers, which in height and shape resembles a chimney, can play the role of a gift place during the New Year holidays.

9.Christmas wreaths can be found ready-made, but you can do it yourself. Just take artificial or natural paws of spruce, rattan, foam blanks, and even newspaper tubes as the basis. Try to add any decor to the frame, whether it is miniature balls or natural spices, and a pretty wreath is ready.

10.For those who oppose the traditional approach to decorating the holiday, retro-posters with Christmas themes will help to create an original atmosphere in the living room. They will give a special style and, perhaps, a spicy charm (depending on the choice of the poster).

Are you ready for the most beautiful time of the year? Even if you don`t, these ten decorating tips will make your mood festive and your dwelling special. So, let the bells jingle, the deer ride, and the Christmas spirit enter your house! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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