10 Awesome DIY Phone Case Ideas For Your Kids’ Devices

Times have changed so much from those days when the most versatile toy a kid had was a stick. Nowadays almost every kid has a smartphone, and most likely spends a lot of time on it playing games or watching videos. It is understandable that the latest technology brings tempting features that create amazing opportunities for kids to play and learn, so it is only natural that they will want to spend time on their phones or computers. And when they grow up into the teenage years it’s all about the messaging apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp that instantly connect them to their friends.

Smartphones offer an unimaginable amount of information into the palms of our hands and teens love it because it allows them to keep up with the latest trends from around the world while others like to use it to improve on their hobbies. But no matter how good smartphones are for progressing towards the future, they also give yours kids access to some potentially dangerous situations so maybe it would be wise to follow mSpy reviews‘ advice and limit some of the functionalities or at least keep track of things that could save your children from unwanted trouble online.

But enough about that, we’re here with a different goal. We want to show you how to inspire your kids to customize their phone in ways that don’t involve downloading and installing apps. Also, a way that saves you money because store-bought phone cases have the tendency to be overpriced. But that’s why you can craft some by yourself using the cheapest, most basic cases that you can buy in bulk or maybe even nothing at all. They also get the added bonus of protecting their phone from scratches which might save you some money in the long run.

Take a look at the following collection of 10 Awesome DIY Phone Case Ideas For Your Kids’ Devices and choose a few that you think your kids will like so much they will be motivated to actually craft them on their own. This is a great habit and if they develop it, it will save them a lot of money in the future. Enjoy!

1. Marbleize a Clear Case

2. Cross Stitch a Fun Pattern

3. Cover Your Phone With a Bohemian Tapestry


4. Paint splatter case

5. Map Cases

6. Washi Tape Case

7. Pearl Case

8. Gold Studded Case

9. DIY Watercolor Case

10. Wool Felt Sleeve



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