10 Amazingly Awesome Old Castles Around The World

Castle is firmly set defensive construction. This building has existed since antiquity until today. In medieval Europe, the castle was the most common type of fortress, as the seat of the king, a local ruler. Although designed and built for defensive purposes, today castles look like a relic of a fairy tale. Solid stone buildings to fortresses with oriental decorative charm, castles represent our connection with the past, displaying the history and the birth of many legends.

Today we present you 10 most amazing castles in the whole world. If you have adventurous spirit, you can visit some of them. Beside that, you can actually stay in them. All of these castles are famous tourist attractions, and they attract so many visitors from the whole world. See them and you will be astonished form their beauty!

Castle of Coca, Spain

Malahide Castle, Ireland

Glenapp Castle, Scotland

Chambord Castle, Loire Valley, France

Carr Hall Castle, Yorkshire

Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Swinton Park, Yorkshire

Boldt Castle, Alexandria Bay, New York, USA

Chateau Plombis, France

Notre-Dame-de-Sanilhac, France


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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