Тips for a successful frame wall

Nothing beats a beautiful frame wall to add personality to an interior. Discover our tips and inspiration to make this wall decoration perfect.

Our tips for a perfect wall design

You can playfully mix styles, colours and formats to create the perfect wall composition. This is how you get a unique and personal composition!

A wall of random frames

After you have chosen the frames you want to install, we recommend that you create a frame directly on the wall, e.g. B. with masking tape or masking tape.

It’s very simple to do this: attach your frame to the wall and trace its contours with the adhesive tape. Repeat the process with all desired frames.

Voila, you have your perfect frame wall!

A wall of frames aligned horizontally

You can also easily and elegantly align your frames on a horizontal axis, as shown below. The paintings are arranged along this axis for a resolutely contemporary style.

A wall of symmetrical frames

Finally, you can also arrange your frames symmetrically, like in an art gallery. Make sure to keep the distance between the individual frames carefully.

A wall of picture frames on a dark blue wall

To dress up a dark blue wall, we love this wall with ultra-colourful frames. That brings a certain dynamic into the room!

Frame above the sofa

Bosses can easily find their place above the sofa in the living room. The latter is relatively low and allows covering the wall and offering a nice perspective.


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