Three Types of Wood Flooring for Your Home

Most homeowners want to have wood floors when they select new flooring for renovations or new home construction. However, solid wood flooring can be expensive, and it is easily damaged, especially in high traffic areas. Along with solid wood, here are some of the other choices from which to select if you want flooring that looks like wood.

Three Types of Wood Flooring for Your Home

Solid Wood Flooring

Most solid wood flooring is available in tongue and groove planks that can easily be laid over old wood floors, concrete, or directly onto joists. You can find many different species of wood that are used for wood flooring, including walnut, oak or mahogany. The species of wood can affect the price, with the most expensive flooring being manufactured from harder to find woods.

Three Types of Wood Flooring for Your Home

If you are thinking of buying solid wood flooring, you have to consider where it will be laid. This flooring will swell if the conditions are humid, and if the atmosphere is dry, the floors will shrink. It also has to be either nailed or glued down in order to stay in place, so it can be difficult to install yourself.

Three Types of Wood Flooring for Your Home

Engineered Wood Flooring

If you want the look of solid wood flooring, but you want something more durable, engineered wood flooring is a good choice. Engineered flooring is made by stacking three to four layers of wood and then covering them with a thin piece of veneer. This is a more economical choice than solid wood flooring. You can often find great discounts on engineered wood flooring at home improvement centres.

This type of flooring will hold up well in high traffic areas, and if it does become scratched or scuffed, it can be refinished. It should not be laid in areas of your home that are damp or humid, as the boards can swell. It will look great throughout your house, especially in the living room and hallways, and it is available in most wood tones.

Three Types of Wood Flooring for Your Home

Laminate Flooring

This is the most economical choice for wood-like flooring, but there is very little wood used in the manufacture of laminate flooring. Laminate is made with compressed fibreboard that is covered by a photographic image of wood and then laminated. These floors are very easy to maintain. They can be used throughout your house, including areas that are humid or damp.

Some manufacturers make laminate flooring specifically to be laid in kitchens and bathrooms, so if you want the appearance of wood throughout your house, this is your best choice. Laminate flooring is easy to spot because it doesn’t look or feel like wood and, if poorly installed, it can look cheap. However, it is very durable, so you can let your children and pets play on it without worrying that the floors will be scuffed or scratched.

Wood flooring can add warmth to your home, and you have a variety of options to choose from if you want that look inside your house. You will find wood flooring that will fit both your budget and lifestyle.


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