Bringing an Industrial Feel to Home Décor

Industrial homeware has made a huge comeback this year. With Scandinavian design trends dominating the interior design scene their minimalist aesthetic leans towards a basic and stripped back industrial feel that it’s really easy to incorporate into your home if you know how. Here’s a few top tips to help you bring a trendy industrial vibe into your home:

Bringing an Industrial Feel to Home Décor

Neutral colour pallets

One of the Scandinavian design basics you need to nail first in order to perfectly incorporate industrial designs into your home is the neutral Scandinavian pallet. This means using creams, greys, white and charcoal colours as your base for walls and floors. Remember to keep everything as minimalist as possible, wooden floor boards painted white with grey walls makes for the perfect minimalist backdrop to decorate with industrial pieces.

Bringing an Industrial Feel to Home Décor


A lot of light is essential component. Think industrial old mills with their huge glass windows and steel frames. Although you’re unlikely to have these in your home or an exposed brick wall, you can emulate the industrial feel with some clever tricks. There are a number of amazing light fittings and pieces of furniture available at which make an industrial look easy to style. Think pendant suspended lighting or steel standing lamps with exposed Thomas Edison style bulbs for the authentic industrial feel.

Bringing an Industrial Feel to Home Décor

Industrial Materials

One of the easiest ways to create the industrial look is by buying accessories made from industrial materials. Things like lamps with concrete bases, wire light fittings and ceramic vases are proving to be really popular and instantly add a raw edge to any living space. One of the key things to remember when introducing raw materials into your home is not to overload it with them as industrial design is all about the amount of space around. Tables and chairs crafted from wood which looks natural and unvarnished are a great addition to this look.

Bringing an Industrial Feel to Home Décor


One of the key things to remember when creating an industrial style is to remain minimalist. Colour can be added in touches, usually softer furnishings in pastel hues work really well, but the big pieces of furniture and overall colour scheme needs to be kept neutral so that the exposed wiring and raw materials don’t look out of place. It can be difficult to strike a balance between looking too industrial and not homely enough so be creative with your softer pieces. Use carefully selected throws, cushions and sofas to create a warmer feel through the cool Scandinavian semblance.


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