12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Building a home pool or outdoor deck adds value to your home. However, you must consider several factors that maximize how much value your home gains. First, you need to plan for the way you prefer to live. Do you like relative seclusion or open views of the neighborhood? Second, plan your deck design to include high traffic areas, such as just outside the back door. You also have to consider the size and shape of the deck, as well as where to place benches, planters, and overheads.

The Important Role of Modified Woods

Materials play an integral role in deck design, and home improvement professionals at Kebony recommend modified wood for both appearance and sustainability reasons. Thermal modification strengthens wood, which makes modified wood ideal for heavy use as pool and outdoor decks. Modified wood also ensures years of long lasting durability, even in areas of the country that endure harsh climates. We also like modified wood because of its resistant to warping and the chemical free process of modifying wood.

Here are 12 home deck ideas using modified wood:

Sustainable, Low Maintenance Deck Design

Modern pool deck styles require wood that handles more punishment than the punishment dealt to traditional decks. Modified wood represents the most effective material to combat prolonged exposure to moisture. Thermally treated wood provides a soft and cool feeling on bare feet, which makes the material ideal for summer social gatherings around the pool.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Think Outside the Placement Box

Modified wood makes the ideal material for building a deck in an unexpected location. Think about how innovative restaurateurs build decks on top of roofs and adjacent to other businesses. Just remember to check with the local building code to see if you’re one of a kind deck placement agrees with municipal statutes.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Floating Modified Wood Deck

When you think of a floating modified wood deck, you probably think of a beach house or home located next to a pond or a lake. However, by using floating foundations to ensure stability and produce a deck that possesses panache, you break the mold on modified wood deck designs. Modified wood is the best material for decks located near larger water sources.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Two Decks are Better than One

Some of the popularity of using natural looking modified wood stems from the treated wood’s ability to complement the appearance of other materials, such as stone and concrete. Many hotels build a modified wood deck on the ground floor, as well as on the smaller balconies and terraces that guests access for fresh air. A two-floor modified wood deck works well with other materials to make an artistic statement.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Enjoy that Sinking Feeling

A deck that sinks below eye level creates an illusion of privacy that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area. Modified wood handles all of the precipitation runoff from the higher materials that surround the sunken deck. You never have to worry about wood warping or degradation caused by constant use. The depth that you sink the deck is your personal preference. Some homeowners like to sink a deck to the point that people walking by can only see heads and shoulders.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Smooth Transition

The home improvement professionals at Kebony love transitional pool and outdoor decks. These types of modified wood decks mimic the appearance of a home interior, which creates the cool blended effect of seamlessly merging the interior design and the exterior design.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

The Minimalist Approach for a Modern Pool Deck Style

Treated wood decks do a great job of presenting a clean, minimalist surface appearance, if you do nothing to change the look of the modified wood. Natural looking modified wood makes people feel close to nature, even if they relax on a modified wood deck located in the heart of Manhattan.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Deck and Home Compatibility

We mentioned how modified wood allows you to transition seamlessly from the interior to the exterior décor. The same principle applies to your home as well. Modified wood works well with natural wood designed homes to create the optical illusion that makes it hard to see where the home ends and where the deck begins.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Throw Guests a Curve

Curving modified wood enhances the style of a pool or outdoor deck. Place the modified wood planks in opposite directions of where the roofing boards run to produce the curving effect.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Attach Your Deck to a Walkway

Homeowners typically build pool or outdoor decks in the back of their homes. Build a modified pedestrian walkway that connects your deck to the street where guests park .The walkway constructed with modified wood should run along the widest side of your home.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Accentuate Wood Grains

Treated natural wood can turn the grains into dark lines that add a sleek appearance to your deck. The organic look of the accentuated wood grains provides a nice contrast to the lines formed by rows of cut lawn grass, as well as offer a low maintenance deck design.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood

Promote an Environmentally Sound Design

Reason number 12 is perhaps the most important reason of all. Modified softwoods provide several eco-friendly benefits. The softwoods grow at a faster rate than the growth rate of hardwoods. Yet, modified softwoods last just as long as the hardwood counterparts do. Sustainable modified wood decks perform as well, if not better, than the performance of hardwood decks.

12 Home Deck Ideas Using Modified Wood


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