YES To The Washer And Dryer In The Bathroom + Home Tour

By showing you bathrooms with the laundry (washer and dryer) integrated in it, we expect to read opinions of all kinds.

In the Nordic countries it is very strange that the washing machine is in the kitchen as in Spain, where to date it has been something quite usual in small homes or at most in the kitchen gallery, along with the water heater, etc.

To the Nordic having the washing machine in the kitchen does not seem logical, practical, dirty or freshly washed clothes next to the oven? Nahhh … there, in the houses or part of the hall of the back entrance, where you also enter with dirty shoes or heavy winter clothes or is integrated into one of the bathrooms.

If you think about it, it is the best place if there is space in the bathroom, you can take advantage of plumbing installation, it is where we usually take off our dirty clothes and with a countertop, as in this Nordic floor that we teach you, it becomes an excellent place to fold clothes, etc.

We know that many of you who have renovated your bathroom, have opted for this installation and that after having lived it, you are very happy with the practicality of having the washing machine in the bathroom, any advice for which you want to reform?

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