Why You May Need to Go For a Wooden Greenhouse

In today’s world, those who choose to use greenhouses for gardening have numerous innovative metals, plastics, and sometimes wood. However, wood is still the commonly used building material used for homemade greenhouse and cold frames. There are many reasons you would prefer using wood for a greenhouse and here are some of them:

Wood is thermo-efficient: A wooden greenhouse is a practical choice due to its thermal insulator nature. The natural thermal insulator found in the wood is the reason why it keeps a constant temperature, unlike metal and plastic.

Wood appearance is attractive: A wooden greenhouse has a natural wood grain that is eye-catching if you paint it. Because timber is a natural material, a greenhouse made from it will blend in with your garden and at the same time stand out as an attraction.

A painted wooden greenhouse is attractive mainly due to its traditional style and practical features such as control of temperature, automatic roof vents, 4mm hardened safety glass and much more.

Practicality: In case you have a bench in your greenhouse, there will be sufficient room for you to store and keep your vegetation, compost bags, and cans for watering. If you have smaller tools like a hand trowel, fork, rake, clippers, and much more, a wooden frame will enable you to fix hooks and hang these tools for easy access. Always keep your equipment clean before storing them in your wooden greenhouse to prevent dirt.

Wood is an old-style choice: A plastic and a metal greenhouse are new, and many people are still discovering their advantages. But if you want to get that traditional look for your conservatory, then timber is the best.

Plant growth environment: Although wood, plastic, and metal greenhouses have their advantages, your preference will depend on how your greenhouse will appear and the benefit it will bring you. If you have a plastic or a metal greenhouse, it will be cheaper because their maintenance is easy. However, timber is a good option for enthusiastic gardeners who love a suitable environment for their plants or produce to thrive.

Maintenance: You can prefer your greenhouse to be delivered to you pre-treated to prevent much hustle on your side. With time, you can also decide to apply wood treatment. Also, it’s crucial that you always keep your greenhouse clean. You can keep a soft broom in your greenhouse which you can be using to brush off dirt, leaves, and cobwebs accumulating on the glass and frame. If you continue keeping your greenhouse clean, its life span will prolong and might only need an occasional treatment.


A painted wooden greenhouse needs extra care for it to remain in good shape and appearance. Wooden greenhouses are cheap, and you don’t need to go overboard or save for months to acquire one. As a gardener, all you have to do is to get out your saw and power screwdriver to get that wooden greenhouse of your choice.


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