What is the difference between a balcony and a loggia?

Balcony and loggia are often confused: they both offer outdoor space to the apartments (and prove to be real assets in the event of sale or rental) but have important differences. What are the differences between a balcony and a loggia? Let’s do a check-in.

What is a balcony?

Let’s start by defining the balcony! The word balcony comes from the Italian balcony which means “room in height”. And indeed, architecturally, the balcony is a platform attached to the exterior wall of a building and accessible from the apartment to which it belongs. The balcony is surrounded by a railing, a railing, or a balustrade. It can be on any floor (except the ground floor).

What are the advantages of the balcony?

  • An exterior: you can enjoy a small exterior even when living in an apartment to eat in the open air, to garden, to enjoy the sun.
  • A beautiful luminosity: the bay windows separating the balcony and accommodation bring light into your home.
  • A charming asset in the event of a sale or purchase: an apartment with a balcony is always more attractive than an apartment with no outdoor space!

What is a loggia?

The word loggia also comes from Italian: generally located upstairs, the loggia is a necessarily covered outdoor space, set back from the main facade. It can also be closed by bay windows. The loggia is halfway between a classic balcony and a veranda: it is a partitioned outdoor space.

  • A protected exterior: whatever the weather, you can enjoy your exterior! The loggia protects you from the rain but also from the wind and the sun.
  • More light in your home: even if it is partially closed, the loggia allows more natural light to enter your home.
  • An extra room: the loggia is often considered a room in its own right. You can install an office, a dining room, a living room, or even a splendid winter garden. These rooms will have the advantage of being very bright. In reality, the loggia can easily accommodate all your desires.
  • An enhancement of the accommodation in the event of sale or purchase: the loggia will not fail to be a great asset, tenants and buyers will like to project themselves into this room as well

To conclude, what to choose: a balcony or a loggia?

So which to prefer? Balcony or loggia? The choice will depend on your expectations: the balcony is the outdoor relaxation space par excellence, and the loggia, while also offering an opening to the outside, takes on more practical functions.


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