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You may not be aware, but you can actually buy your art online, these days. Thanks to SINGULART, you will find original work of arts, from a large variety of artists, covering many different styles. In this article, we will propose one particular painting that stands out, in five different styles, which you can incorporate into the design of your house. Then, it will be up to you to decide if you agree or not, by looking at the large variety and confirming our choices. Let’s start now.

Abstract Art

People who buy artwork from the abstract art category are usually connoisseurs. It makes it that much more difficult to chose one work in particular, in that style. However, we have decided to feature “Untitled 094,” by artist Atom Hovhanesyan. The strengths of the colours he uses in this painting will turn any living room into a warm place to sit and discuss the complexity of the movements that can be found on it, by the strokes of the brush from the painter, and the meaning of the gray elements found over it.


In this category, we thought about adding a work of art for the bathroom. Since it is the room that features water, we decided on “North Coast,” by Natalia Nosek. It is its simplicity that first caught our attention. Once you lay eyes on it, you immediately start dreaming of vacations. There are more horrible thoughts than this in life, and you will have plenty of time, in the shower, to think about your next destination.


That was a difficult task. Portraits are of a much more personal nature. You have to fall in love with the face in front of you, to buy the portrait of an unknown person. And so, we took the easy way out, with a wonderful modern piece, full of colours, that will bring to life any game room. It is called “Jimmy Hendrix Original, 42,” by painter Eugen Dick. In a year of the 70s revival in fashion, it seemed to be the perfect choice to make.


Imagine the work place, inside your house. What would you like to hang on its wall, to keep your creativity alive, every day? How about a painting that seems unfinished so that you keep creating the missing pieces inside your head, bringing you new ideas to resolve issues and to create new products? That is definitely what “Diamond District – Fifth Avenue,” by Benoît Haver, will do for you, once you hang it on your wall.

Pop Culture

We had to finish with Pop Culture. After all, you can place one of these paintings anywhere inside the house, to make it look fresh, dynamic and alive. And so, we went with “Goofy – No Limits,” by Kristin Kossi. After all, who wouldn’t like to have an unlimited fund, American Express card? Especially one with a dreamy Goofy on it.

Now it is your turn to do the work. Head to SINGULART and confirm our choices or suggest new ones.


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