Top 15 Ingenious Ideas To Declutter & Organize The Garage

The garage is probably the most unorganized part of the house. The car is not the only thing you can find there. Sometimes the garage and storage for all necessary and unnecessary things. There you can find tools for the car, which of course is not uncommon, but beside this, you can find many other things, the hardware store, boxes of old clothes and shoes, old sport equipment, etc. In this case, your garage is turned into a warehouse. The garage does not have to be big and bulky, only thing that matters is the organization of space and a clear vision, you will be surprised how much more space you have available. The basic idea of designing your own garage is to organize all the things that you already hold within it and to create some extra space and improve the overall visual look of your interior.

Below we present you some ingenious ideas that will help you to declutter your garage and organize it in a best possible way. Check out below and see what we’ve got for you. Have fun and do something useful for your home!

Secure your game balls with bungee cords

If possible, buy some storage cabinet where you will store all your stuff

Set some plastic bins on the wall to organize some tools

Repurpose some old file cabinet into garage toolshed

Magnetic strips will keep your metal tools and accessories easily accessible

Hang the bikes on the ceiling

Organize your gardening tools on some wall grid

This overhead storage will save your free space

Simple shelving will always work

Storage items on the wall will always keep your garage clean and decluttered

If you don’t have enough storage space, corner shelves are always good idea

Use PVC piping to store some items on the wall

PVC pipes also are great for storing small things



Be prepared for minor repairs and tasks by keeping all of your tools in one place

Put up peg boards and hang every piece of equipment and tool you own




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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