Tips for Your Holiday Photos Cards

When growing up, we expected to receive cards during the holiday season. You still deserve to receive a special message from a loved one from your family and friends. Likewise, your dear ones still expect a more than a greeting card from you. We, therefore, take it very seriously when designing and printing holiday photo cards for that special person in your life. Since it is a once in a year experience, we always strive to make that holiday memorable. It is a tradition that we all want to maintain but making it sweeter every other year. Why should you order your card from us this holiday season?

Uncompromised quality

Our cards are made from high-quality printing paper. Our quality paper allows you to quickly write a personal message or sign the card without struggling. It is also resistant to environmental conditions that affect the durability of most papers, such as humidity. Your posted card will hence last the next season with your message on it still fresh and readable.

Convenient templates

We understand the stress you may go through trying to choose the right design for a great photo card. Our designers have, therefore, come up with hundreds of templates to choose from for your ease of selection. We have templates for loved ones, friends, workmates, and many others. They are also designed to correspond to various holidays such as Christmas or summer. You only need to filter the templates in the order of your preferred features.

Legible stylish fonts

A message of love and well wishes will make no sense if it is not communicated effectively. More so, using the best software, we will write it down in style. From the freehand technique to calligraphy lettering, we can ensure you get a unique card you ever sent. We also ensure that irrespective of typography used, your intended recipient will not struggle to read it.

Personalized design

Our software is very flexible for our customers. They allow you to alter the arrangement of photos on the card to fulfill your desires. It will enable you to add favorite pictures from your gallery. You may also change the background theme to blend well with your photos. Additionally, the layouts come in different shapes and orientations. More exciting is that we allow you to add a custom name of your recipient and upload a doodle message too.


Our dispatch centers deliver thousands of cards on every other holiday. You can, therefore, send numerous cards to different persons at a go, saving you time and at a much lower cost. More so, we have ensured that every customer has enough cards at their disposal.

Customer experience

Our team of designers is supported by a very able and dedicated customer service department. We will receive your orders early enough and process it swiftly and accurately. We also ensure that before the holiday kicks off, your card will have been delivered to your dear ones. We enclose and handle your card with utmost care. Irrespective of distance to your preferred destination, your card will be received in good condition.
Our contact centers are on standby to receive your call 24/7. Remember to sign up today and enjoy the variety of designs available and send your loved ones a special holiday message in a unique way.


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