Time Poor But Want A Brilliant Garden? Use Smart Tech

Gardening is not really that difficult. Even if you don’t have a particularly green thumb, with trial and error you’d eventually create a garden that you would love. The problem with a garden, whether it’s a veggie garden or just a nice yard, is that it takes time to get it the way you like.

Once you have the technique down and know what you need to do, then you simply set up a routine to get it done. The problem is that many people don’t have the time to really dedicate to the garden of their dreams. Which then often involves paying somebody else to take care of it for them.

Instead, it’s time to turn to technology and automate much of the process.

Automation has home security made simple, so it stands to reason that the same technology could help you keep your garden growing. In this article, we will look at the ways that this can be possible.

1.Smart sprinklers

Have you ever seen somebody’s sprinklers on in the middle of a rain storm? This is the problem with a sprinkler that only has a timer. The sprinkler only knows what time it should turn on or off and doesn’t care about anything else.

When you have smart sprinklers, there is a sensor that checks the moisture level of the ground around the sprinklers and turns them on as needed. This saves a ton of water and also allows you to attend to other things while your garden takes care of itself.

They can even be connected to the Internet of Things that can alert the system that there is not going to be any rain forecast for a while. Or, alternatively that there is rain coming and they don’t need to activate.

2.Plant monitors

If you’re both new at gardening and short on time, then you can use a smart plant monitor to help you achieve great results. These work in the soil surrounding the plant and make a quick analysis of things like moisture level and even the nutrients present in the soil.

When these sensors are connected to an app, then it can give you recommendations on what needs to be done so the plant can thrive.

3.Expandable planters

Ok so this is not exactly high tech or even smart, but it is a big time saver. Expandable pots are ideal when you don’t have time to be replanting things as they grow

These pots will grow with your plants. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations. If your plant is going to be growing up and needs the garden pot to accommodate the height, then ones that are accordion shaped will grow up with the plant as it grows.

Others are formed in a sort of star shape that will expand outwards if the roots are going to need more space.

4.Robotic mower

You probably already have a robotic vacuum cleaner to keep the house clean while you are out. The robotic mower works exactly the same way except that it cuts the grass. It is a huge time saver as mowing the lawn is something that needs tobe done regularly.

These machines can manage themselves by coming out of their charger when they are scheduled to do so and when they finish mowing, return to their charging station ready to go for the next time. With AI, they can even decide when to mow on their own.

A side benefit to using these mowers is that they are better for the environment.


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