Three Incredible Installations with Flowers

Flowers are not just plants that grow in the garden; they carry meaning and are often symbolic of feelings and emotion – both good and bad. Due to the meaning evoked by certain flowers, they are often used as pieces of art. Below are three installations which act as great examples of how flowers can be used in art;

1. The Last Dance of the Flowers

Photographer Kirsty Mitchell has dedicated her Wonderland project to her late mother, who inspired her and many others with imaginative tales set in enchanting, faraway lands. The final chapter in the story is The Last Dance of the Flowers, which used 1,000 fresh purple flowers to clothe her model. With the function of the woodland surroundings, the model gives the installation an ethereal feeling, which demonstrates Kirsty’s uncanny eye for detail.

2. Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

At this time of year our thoughts turn to those that lost their lives while fighting for our country. To commemorate the 100th anniversary since World War I, thousands of ceramic poppies have been ‘planted’ at the Tower of London. This beautiful art installation, the brain child of Paul Cummins, will eventually be made up of 88,824 poppies; one for every soldier in the Commonwealth during the Great War. The final poppy is to be planted on the 11th of November, which is Remembrance Day in the UK.


Image credit: AP via The Daily Mail

3. The Yellow Flower

Rebecca Louise Law is a floral artist who has created a number of installations over the years. The installation that really stands out is The Yellow Flower, situated at the Gardening World Cup in Japan. While the cherry blossom would have been the most obvious choice, Rebecca uses over 10,000 chrysanthemums – a symbol of the sun and courage in order to create her installation. Each flower was suspended on copper wire, and will remain in place for one month, until they are fully dry.

If these three innovative installations have inspired you to explore your creativity, express your feelings, or just to admire the beauty of flowers, visit and order a flower delivery today.


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