Three Common Garage Door Problems

It can be really frustrating when it’s time to leave for work and you are ready to drive out of your garage, but the door is stuck. The idea of having a garage but still having to park in the driveway because the door won’t open is even more irritating. There are times when some people have to give the door a stronger push or pull halfway through because it gets stuck. What causes these problems? There are several different reasons, some smaller than others. The three most common problems are listed below.

The Door Won’t Close

One of the biggest problems people have with their garages is that it will not close at all or all the way. This is concerning when you want to keep your car and anything else in your garage from getting stolen. Most of the time the door will not close because the safety eyes have been knocked out of alignment or may need to be replaced. Or you may have something blocking it. Another reason the door may not close is that there may be a track that is not properly aligned as well as many other reasons. If you still can’t figure out why your door won’t close or close all the way there are several garage door service companies that offer excellent garage door repair in Alexandria, VA.

The Door Won’t Open

Another common garage door problem that people struggle with is the garage door not opening. Having to park outside of your garage defeats the purpose of having the convenience of parking in your own space where no one can get to it. Most of the time the reason why your door will not open is that it has something to do with the springs. If the springs become worn out or damaged, then they can cause the door to stop while opening or not allow the door to open at all. If you have an electric door opener and it only lifts the door a few inches that usually means the spring has broken.

The Door Has Frozen Shut

In Virginia, the winters can become very harsh. In some cases, it can become so cold that your garage door can get frozen shut. This can be quite frustrating in the morning when you have to go to work or need to get to an appointment. One thing you should not do is keep pressing the opener button on your keypad because this can make the situation worse than what it already is. You could break a spring or burn out the motor on your door opener. What you can do is buy de-icing products and lay it in front of your garage door. If you can’t get to the store or are in a hurry you can try to melt the ice with a hairdryer to melt the ice. If you don’t have anything to melt the ice, hire one of the garage repair services and they will come to your home in the case of an emergency. Once you finally get the garage door open be sure to clear away any leftover ice or liquid to prevent the garage door freezing shut again.


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