The powerful and unknown ingredient that will keep your plant pests at bay

If there are some elements that we love to include at home because of the natural and fresh touch they provide, they are plants. And it is that, even though artificial plants can be much more comfortable, there is nothing that equals natural ones and having the habit of caring for them and watching them grow. We like to pamper them, make sure they are always healthy, and keep them as long as possible. However, this can be an impediment when they are attacked by pests

Whether they are indoor or outdoor plants, the truth is that after being constant in their care and treating them with the utmost delicacy and affection, it annoys us (and a lot) that a plague kills them, such as the white aphid. Although we are already aware of homemade recipes to take care of them and put an end to them, there is an infallible trick that will always protect our plants. Do you want to find out?


The best-kept secret on the market to prevent pests from attacking our plants, it is an ecological solution that is a good alternative to common pesticides. It is about Neem oil, a very effective ally against aphids, fungi, ants, and other external agents that try to attack our plants.

Exactly, this oil derived from the seeds of the Neem tree,  helps to control insects such as red spider mites, whiteflies, worms and larvae, leaf miners, the scales that adhere to the leaves and stems of plants by sucking the sap… Weevils and mealybugs don’t escape either. But in addition to scaring them away, Neem oil has beneficial properties for our plants:


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