The Most Beautiful Ideas for a Minimalist Garden

The Place of Volume in Minimalist Gardens

When it comes to gardens, generally, we prefer English gardens. It’s funny because for the interior, the clean atmospheres but for the outdoors, we are attracted by this type of garden which lets the imagination wander easily. Moving on, today is the time to take an interest in minimalist gardens and the first thing we noticed when preparing this article was the play of volumes in this type of garden. We’re not necessarily talking about symmetry or perspective like French gardens. But the idea of ​​the volume is beautiful and very present. We will play with the different sizes of planters rather than playing with their shape or color. We are also going to work the space so that aesthetically there is something to look at without doing too much. We will also have fun with the rehearsals, the series, like a row of 3 identical plants in identical pots. The idea is to energize soberly the flat surface that is the garden or the terrace.

Which Plants to Choose in a Refined Garden?

For a minimalist garden, it is not necessarily a question of particular varieties of plants but of numbers. Unlike the exotic gardens, here, we will limit the number of plants and we will multiply them. There are also varieties that are more minimal than others. We agree that a succulent is more refined than a plant with a bunch of small leaves and flowers. We also noted that the groves were of particular importance in minimalist gardens. Why? Simply because they are easily cut, we can give them a more sophisticated, more sober shape.

Minimalist Garden Furniture

In the garden, there are not only plants, there is also the furniture and once again we will try to make it minimalist. We agree that the fringed hammock is not the most recommended in a minimalist garden. Metal furniture for example may very well be suitable for this kind of garden. For the comfort side, we add plain chair slabs in neutral tones. Wood and concrete are also materials that can be used for your minimalist garden furniture. These are fuss-free materials that resist bad weather when they are well treated. And for a more natural effect, nothing prevents you from taking a tree trunk as a bench or stumps to make seats.

What to Think of Zen Gardens? Are They Minimalist?

When we had the idea of ​​writing about minimalist gardens, we hadn’t considered talking about Zen gardens.  Zen gardens in our mind are a little more worked but they are like minimalist gardens, they invite you to relax in a natural setting. In Zen gardens we will more easily find games of stones, sands. These are natural materials which also correspond to the minimalist universe. We also particularly like the ponds in the Zen gardens In South East Asia, there are many ponds and water points with koi carps. A geometric basin fits perfectly with the idea of ​​a refined garden. And the view of the fish is great for relaxing and meditating!


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