Telltale Signs That Your Garage Door is Failing

Do you hear strange noises coming from your garage door, or notice that it has stopped opening and closing properly? If so, your garage door may be the problem. If you want to know more, here are some signs to look out for.

1. Creaky or Rattling Garage Doors

If you hear creaks or rattles on your garage door, this is usually an indication that parts on the opener are loose or damaged. There could also be issues with the tracks on roll-up doors where they are bent causing them to rub on each other when moving which makes the noise heard every time it moves over the metal surfaces. Parts can be tightened or replaced in order to stop annoying noises coming from your garage door. This will not only make it easier for you to open and close the door without any resistance but will also keep children away who might try climbing on the door and get injured. To prevent this from happening, you will need a quality garage door in the first place. If it still is a problem, you can find B&H Garage Door Repair and fix your door right away. Many repair companies can fix garage doors within the hour, and you’ll be back to your garage door working perfectly in no time.

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2. Damaged Cords on Garage Openers

Garage doors that have been in use for a while will experience wear and tear, including the garage door opener. This is because it takes a lot of strain from the cable to open and close the door when it is in motion. In time, these cables will fray or snap. When this happens, they can cause injury to people walking underneath with their hands full of groceries or children with toys scurrying around below them without warning. If you hear clicking sounds coming from your garage door at odd intervals with each opening and closing, or if you notice parts sticking out where there used to be a smooth surface, then chances are that you need a new garage opener with quality garage doors. They are especially dangerous when they are not properly maintained since there is no assurance the cables will be strong enough to keep the doors in place, and chains with metal prongs connected to these roll-up doors can cut into objects or break apart. It is advisable that you change them immediately to avoid getting hurt later on.

3.Β  Damaged Tracks

Garage doors will be exposed to all kinds of elements as they are outside your home, and this can cause them to rust. When the tracks have been affected by the weather, it will affect how smoothly your garage door opens and closes, as there may be bumps or even parts that will become jarred as a result. Even if you can still open and close with some effort, it is advisable that you replace them before they get worse, since they tend to weaken over time. This will cause the garage door to become hard to open and close, or even damage surrounding structures if it is not handled carefully. Garage doors need regular maintenance so that they will be sure to last for years without giving you more problems than it solves.

4. Unresponsive Remote Controls

Garage door remotes are used by many owners on a daily basis, especially those with larger garages or families with kids who pile into cars every morning for school. If your remote does not seem to work properly anymore, then chances are that it needs new batteries. Also, check the settings on your opener just in case there was a power surge over the past few days which could have affected its functionality temporarily. This would only happen though on rare occasions, and the noise would only be temporary. If this is not an issue, but you cannot open or close your garage door manually, then chances are that there’s a hardware issue with the opener which will need professional attention. Remote controls are usually expensive to purchase, so if you find that it’s not working on contact anymore then see if you can find new ones online or at a local hardware store which will come with installation instructions.

5. Erratic Behavior Due to Failed Sensors

All garage doors come with sensors located at various points on their surface to signal when something comes in contact with it while it is moving. These sensors can just be faulty due to some drop recently that might have jarred them loose or cause some other kind of damage inside that is sending out false signals of an object just passing by the door. If this happens, it can make your garage door go haywire and open and close for no apparent reason. It’s best to change these sensors immediately to avoid any accidents from happening where someone could get hurt due to the unexpected behavior of your roll-up door system. Apart from that, check if they are properly connected since their wires may sometimes be damaged as well.Β  If you do find some damage or loose connection then see if you can fix them before purchasing new ones, and if replacement seems like a better option than repair then try to install comparable parts, so your opener will still work with the same efficiency as before.

6. Rollers Not Spinning

Rollers are located at the top and bottom of every garage door to help in its movement. If these rollers are not spinning or moving that well, then there is a high chance that you need to grease them, so they can move better again. Sometimes this is just a temporary problem, like when you notice that your garage door has not been moving properly for the past few days. If this happens, then it may be because there’s sand or dirt inside that is making them stick temporarily. You should run over these areas with some oil and wipe it off once it starts moving freely again after greasing all parts of your roll up doors. If this does not fix the issue within 2 weeks, then see if you can find someone experienced in garage repair to assist you further, as there might be something more serious behind your garage doors’ lack of movement.

Difficulties with garage door systems are not common, but if you do find yourself stuck with one of these technical challenges, then it is best to see if you can fix it on your own before calling for professional help. Sometimes all it takes is a replacement part!


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