Sahel Majali Explains BIM

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, is being implemented more and more by forward-thinking construction companies.

BIM is essentially a way of creating a centralised platform, through which project data can be managed throughout the lifecycle of a project. In essence, BIM creates a digital description, defining all aspects of a project, from inception to completion and beyond. It draws on information gathered collaboratively, updated at key stages throughout the project’s lifecycle.

BIM enables industry professionals to interact with the asset and optimise their actions. It is essentially 3D modelling software that enables collaborators to design and analyse all of the various aspects of a project quickly and efficiently.

The Beginnings of BIM

The term ‘BIM’ dates back to the 1990s, though the recession hampered the early stages of development. Interest picked up again in the early 2000s; since then, BIM technologies have advanced at an exponential rate, becoming a cornerstone of modern construction.

BIM Software Platforms

There are several different BIM platforms:

AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit are produced by Autodesk. These popular BIM technologies help make project design, engineering and operational information more accurate, as well as promoting accessibility and collaboration between contributors.

ArchiCAD was developed by Graphisoft. It was one of the first BIM platforms to be released on the market. ArchiCAD produces 3D virtual models of the finished asset, as well as facilitating centralised management of project data.

ProjectWise and AECOsim Building Designer are made by Bentley Systems. They take collaboration to a new level in projects of all sizes, producing better building outcomes by facilitating a complete flow of information between various different parties at each stage of a project.

Mid Group

This leading UK construction company was one of the first to receive BIM Level 2 accreditation.

Mid Group uses BIM technology throughout the construction process, from planning and design to delivery of the final asset. BIM makes Mid Group’s construction sites safer. It also reduces waste and improves outcomes for Mid Group clients.

Sahel Majali Bio

Sahel Majali, Mid Group Chairman and CEO, oversees all of the company’s construction projects, both in the UK and overseas.

Mr Majali has more than three decades of experience in the construction industry at a senior level, working with some of the most successful companies and individuals in the sector.

Sahel Majali established Mid Contracting in Jordan in the early 1990s, an organisation specialising in dynamic construction, development and investment.

The Mid Group was established in the UK in 2014. Today, it is one of the UK’s fastest-growing construction companies.


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