Recreation Areas with Pool Projects to Get Inspired

Owning a recreation area at the residence is synonymous with fun with friends and family. And nothing better than complementing this space with a beautiful pool to enjoy the sunny days and enjoy good times with them! Learn more about the pool leisure area. Remembering that the pool can be vinyl, concrete or fiberglass. Regarding the size of the pool, here is a tip: work the ratio concerning the available space. This method ranges from an area of ​​ residential development to the backyard of a single-family home.

In this outdoor area, we can find places such as barbecue, sports courts, playground, gym, games room, TV space, playroom and even a place with benches and tables. And linking it all up with a pool to relax and cool off on hot days is not bad either!

It is necessary to have a good design of architecture and landscaping so that the standards and laws are suitable for each type of construction. In architecture, its main objective is to enhance the building, making the pool an additional element and at the same time functional. Already in landscaping, it is necessary to link the surroundings with the construction, leaving the landscape and harmonic paths for better circulation. So it is ideal to perform these two areas together for a great result in this task!

Want to make the meeting place even more charming with a beautiful pool? Check out these ideas to increase your recreation area with this element so desired by many residents!


The infinite edge is for sure the dream of many people! Reinforce the feel of this edge by inserting the pool at the top of a building or at the top of the building so that the view becomes a painting here. A glass wall can help to make the pool users safer.


The leisure area offers integration with the gourmet space, facilitating the interaction of those who are cooking with those in the pool. This setting is even more charming with the green and the outdoor deck.















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