Pavilion by KUNDESIGN – Naturally Extend Indoor Life To The Outdoors

Project: Pavilion
Architects: KUNDESIGN
Photographs by: Courtesy of KUNDESIGN

Pavilion by KUNDESIGN

‘Pavilion’, in the architectural concept, is a single small building without walls. It is not completely enclosed, mostly appears on the roadside or in the garden. Its history can be traced back to 5000 years ago. In addition to providing shade, rest, and other practical functions, the pavilion itself is also a landscape decoration and was even used as a concert platform in ancient times. Chinese people are born with a love for pavilions. Pavilions are indispensable elements in traditional landscape design. As a place for people to stay, pavilions also play an important role in function and psychology.

KUNDESIGN’s Pavilion is designed to naturally extend indoor life to the outdoors with an architectural style. It is a ‘continuation of the house’, emphasizing a non-temporality, and encouraging the normalization of enjoying the outdoors. The entire pavilion is based on a standard module structure. Through the selection of electric shutters, rolling curtains, folding glass doors, grids, and other elements, it can create a special outdoor space with different forms.

The top surface of the pavilion adopts reversible louvers and integrated LED light, which can provide shade while giving consideration to the sense of light and shadow. Users can also partially match curved sail curtains to create a light canopy. On the facade, the wooden style of vertical and horizontal grilles create a feeling of being on vacation in the rainforest.

The glass folding door on the front changes the opening method of the traditional pavilion and can be completely retracted to one side, making the entrance more transparent.
The adjustable electric rolling curtains on both sides, considering the privacy of commercial use. It selects sunlight PVC fabrics with a better opening rate to achieve the effect of light penetration and has the anti-mosquito effect. Pavilion includes terracotta, olive green, black, and white styles, presenting a more youthful, smart, thoughtful, and diverse outdoor lifestyle.

-Project description and images provided by KUNDESIGN


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