Outdoor Brazier – Models to Extend Summer Evenings

Do you love summer or winter evenings with friends but which are always too short due to the cooling temperatures?

Would you like to bring more warmth during these moments, without putting on coats, scarves or even plaids? We have the solution: install anΒ outdoor brazierΒ in your garden, terrace or even balcony!

To find the model that will sit proudly in your outdoor space, here are the most beautiful modelsΒ of the moment here!


What could be nicer than gathering around a good fire, even in summer?

The braziers traditionally have the shape of a dome placed on a pedestal, you can burn coal or wood logs. With this model, you will extend your evenings outside as soon as the weather is cooler.

In metal, you can choose its finish: black orΒ terracotta.


If you want your brazier to also allow you to cook your dinner, linger on the Fireglobe model.

Sold with a grill, this brazier will easily turn into a barbecue. Practical, thanks to its handle, it is very easy to move.

In addition, its shape has been specially designed to prevent combustion and its curved shape protects the fireplace from the wind.


Here is a brazier with very stable support with elegant graphic lines. Available in black or rust finish for an old and industrial look. Its generous dimensions and its round basin impose it as a central element.

There is an image of an invigorating, warm and friendly fire for evenings with family or friends.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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