Making the Most of Your Garden in the Winter

Although enjoying the garden in the warmer months isn’t too difficult, some can often stray away from the garden during the colder months believing that it’s too cold to be able to enjoy. There are many ways of enjoying the garden, and there are plenty that spend just as much time in the garden during the winter as they do in the summer.

Although a different approach will be needed, some simple steps can help bring your garden to life during the winter, and all ensure that the surrounding wildlife is well looked after.

The following tips will help ensure that you’re comfortable when enjoying the garden, as well as ensuring that the view is the best it can be.

Consider the Use of a Garden Pod

There are many ways of making use of space, but not all of them are as affordable or adaptable as a garden pod. As well as allowing for the garden to be enjoyed from a unique perspective, the use of a garden pod can also be insulated ad designed to fit with the theme of the garden effortlessly.

The use of a garden pod by urbanpods also ensures that regardless of how cold the weather becomes, there is always a comfortable space to enjoy the garden.

Be Sure to Plant Bare-Root Plants

Not only does the planting of bare-root plants allow for more choice, but it’s also economical. Those looking to make the most of the garden during the winter can choose from fruit trees and business, as well as some perennials.

It’s advisable to plant the plants within 24 hours of receiving them, so this needs to be taken accounts when it comes to the actual work being carried out.

Deep Clean the Garden

Although many will do their best to ensure that the garden looks its best, there will be times when things start to pile up, and a good deep clean is just what needs. Simple things such as jet washing paving and getting rid of weeds ensure that the garden can still look great in the winter and offer a more festive setting that’s free of distraction.

Try to Entice Wildlife into the Garden

One of the main reasons that so many enjoy their garden is because of the wildlife that makes a visit. Although this is commonplace, there are things that can be done that not only encourage wildlife into the garden but also gives the garden more character.

The winter can be a difficult time for birds, so why not help their cause with some bird feeder. This is easy to purchase, although many also design their own. Keeping these bird feeders well stocked ensures that there is more natural activity in the garden, as well as allowing birds to make it through the colder climate.

Make Use of Garden Lighting

One of the reasons many can stray away from the garden during the winter months is because it gets dark so early. However, the use of garden lighting doesn’t have to be expensive and can be a whole new dimension to enjoying the garden.

Some may want to make use of garden lanterns, whereas others may consider solar lights that can be charged in the day and activate at night. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there is a large selection of choice in relation to garden lighting, meaning that finding a solution that complements the tone of the garden shouldn’t prove to be difficult.

Use Flowers to Introduce Colour

It’s often thought that you must be a professional gardener to be able to introduce a slew of colour into the garden, but the truth is it that it can be as simple as purchasing some terracotta pots. Primulas and winter-flowing pansies can be placed in the pots add then be placed around the garden to introduce colour.

There are many options available when it comes to enjoying the garden, and what works best can depend on the layout of the garden, but some simple changes or addition can make all the difference to the garden in the winter.


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