Innovative Convertibles (Beds, Sofas & Cupboards)

In this modern era of innovation and creativity for human good, there are certain resources that are getting scarce with respect to the increase in population. We have been creating new things every day for human facility by using science and logic, but we cannot simply increase the resources that are natural like water, clean air and land. These days, with technological advancements, most of the people are moving to cities where the spaces for homes are of course limited. So in order to meet the need, we are cutting down forests and making roads in their replacement which is affecting our health and wellbeing.

Convertibles (Beds, Sofas, Cupboard)

To save space, we have small houses to live in these days. So the innovation is the need of the hour. Every other person must have seen convertible beds and sofas on internet once at least. These beds are so useful in your small houses where the fight for more space is always on.

Here we are giving you five unique designs and ideas for your optimized and space-saving beds.

1.Bed with cupboard space underneath.

This bed would help you store your bedding items inside it and would save space that your quilts were taking in your cupboards.

Photo courtesy: Trend Hunter

2.Bed with Sofa

Photo courtesy: Tree Hugger

This convertible is major goals that you can put in the living room in the morning and entertain guests on it as sofa, while if guest is staying over, this bed is convertible to a very comfortable bed. Also in case of fight in the house, this convertible will be your space for the night. So this is a win-win.

3.Bed with drawers

How can we forget our kids? Kids usually have more clothes than en elder and they needs care in clean cupboards and drawers. This bed is both a sleeping place and a cupboard in one.

Photo courtesy: Scallywag Kids

It has multiple cupboards and drawers in one place. It seems so comfy and compact, as a baby home in one place. This is all what our baby wants.

4.Coffee Table cum bed

This bed is convertible to a nice coffee table in the cozy evenings when you are watching TV. And can be changed to bed as soon as you start dozing and need to sleep.

Photo courtesy: laperla London

5.Bed in wall

If you are living in one room apartment but want to have all the facilities as you have in a bigger house, like a living room bed room and a study room. (Of course who does not want it, you do not have to feel shy about it.) We have solution for your small comfortable and cozy room.

Photo courtesy: Interior Design Ideas

This bed can get folded in the wall and no one would ever know there was something and you can have all the place to yourself for whole day as a living room or whatever you want.

How to ensemble?

The next question that comes to mind is where can I get these genius beds and who will ensemble them. We have solution for that as well. The flat pack assembly services are here to rescue. It is a multi-national company providing its services for over 5 years now and the clients are not just happy but glad that they found them. You can always contact them via a call to get quotes and all the help you need with assemble.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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