Iglo Architects Undertakes The Consultancy of “Dakar Railway Station” Project

Project: Dakar Railway Station
Architects: IGLO Architects
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Area: 914,932 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of IGLO Architects

Dakar Railway Station by IGLO Architects

Carrying out award-winning architecture and interior architecture projects with various scales and different functions, Iglo Architects, partnered by Architect Zafer Karoğlu and Architect Esen Akyar, have undertaken the consultancy of Dakar Railway Station Project, which is the first one of the railway station projects to be implemented in total 21 different locations in Senegal. Accomplished by the joint works of France, Senegal and Turkey, the opening of the railway station will be held within this month.

The roof, facade and material consultancy of “Dakar Railway Station” project, the first step of the nationwide railway station projects planned to be carried out by the government in Senegal, has been undertaken by Iglo Architects. Being the first one of the railway station projects to be implemented in 21 different locations throughout Senegal, Dakar Railway Station has an indoor area of 6000 m². Iglo Architects has considered in particular the environmental impacts in the consultancy of the roof, facade and materials of the structure which covers a total area of 85,000 m², including the surrounding platforms. Architect Zafer Karoğlu, the founding partner of Iglo Architects, opted for climate-resistant, self-cleaning and sustainable materials in the roof and facade in consideration with the possible adverse effects of sand storms, developing due to the hot and windy climate of Dakar city, on the facades of the structure which are mainly in white color.

Giving preference to innovative and environmentally-friendly “U-STUCCO and composite polymer” materials, which deliver fast results, comply with each other and do not create a thermal bridge when used together, for the roof and facade detail solutions of the structure, Architect Zafer Karoğlu states that U-STUCCO is an environmentally-friendly and ecologic material that can be used as plaster, screed or construction block, and they used it not only for being highly fire-resistant and hygienic but also providing sound and heat insulation. According to Karoğlu, in addition to its advantageous features, U-STUCCO also allows rapid progress of the project.

The composite polymer, used as body material in the production of space shuttles in NASA, has been preferred due to its high resistance and sustainability. Procured only from United States, the use of this material as roof detail was first discovered by Iglo Architects in the world.

Being the first consultancy project of Iglo Architects in Dakar, Senegal, Dakar Railway Station is the first step of a chain of projects to be carried out by Iglo Architects in Senegal. By involving in this project, Iglo Architects aims to establish valuable contacts from architecture and construction sectors in Senegal and maintain its existence in Senegal by expanding its activities. Iglo Architects continues its way by adding new works to those achieved abroad through innovative projects, and growing.

-Project description and images provided by IGLO Architects

About IgloArchitects:

IgloArchitects was founded in 2001 by Zafer KAROĞLU and Esen AKYAR. To date, it has provided services to its customers from various sectors in many cities in Turkey and abroad in architectural design, project and implementation areas. Producing functional designs and cost-effective solutions in the area of architecture, IgloArchitects enables the users to experience a brand new design process. It proceeds its way without compromising customer satisfaction and a diligent teamwork.


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