How Landscaping Affects Your Business: First Impressions Matter

As a business owner, you’re probably well aware of the role of establishing and maintaining a positive corporate image plays in your success.

That includes creating modern logos, catchy slogans, and visual materials that have an impact on your potential customers, and keep them engaged. Moreover, you have employees that ensure a fantastic customer experience. There’s one more element that shouldn’t be overlooked, though – your commercial landscape.

If you’re wondering how landscaping affects your business, you came to the right place – this article will tell you all about it!

First Impressions Matter More Than You Think

Although most people won’t flat out admit it, they do make a lot of their decisions about who they’ll do business with and where they’ll spend their money based on highly subjective factors – maybe not entirely, of course, but the element of subjectivity is still there.

You and your staff can be the leading experts in your niche, and still not have a constant in-pour of new clients, despite your efforts, expertise, and experience. And if that’s the case, you might want to take a good, hard look at your business’ exterior:

Does it reflect the values and high standards you’ve set for yourself and the hard work that went into building a successful business? Or does it look mediocre at best?

The latter is still enough to get you by, but putting in a little extra effort could make a tremendous difference. Why?

Well, whether you’d like it or not, a lot of potential new clients that are visiting your business space for the first time will take the exterior as an indicator of what to expect once they cross the threshold and step inside your office.

And if the landscape isn’t sending a powerful message about your hard work and dedication, some of them will take it as a sign that your business isn’t worth their time.

Creating An Environment Your Employees Will Enjoy, Too

Clients aside, you know who else spends a good portion of their day there? Your employees.

If anything, you should aim to create a well-planned corporate landscaping design that will give them a place to interact as team members and relax during breaks which will, in turn, create a more productive atmosphere in the office.

Creating a stress-free environment, and one that’s visually appealing and full of lush greenery will show your dedication to the wellness and health of your team members, too.

Speaking of your employees, consider this:

If a prospective candidate walked in your office for a job interview with a visibly disinterested attitude, dirty clothes, or unwashed hair, you probably wouldn’t hire them, now, would you?

Well, with corporate landscaping, the roles can get reversed:

They might not be interested in going past the front door if they’re under the impression that you don’t care about maintaining a beautiful office exterior. Granted, no one ever joined a company solely because their landscaping made an impression – but the subliminal attraction is still there.

It Adds An Eco-Friendly Factor To Your Company’s Image

Most business owners these days get the importance of including eco-friendly factors into their company’s marketing strategy. But here’s the thing:

There are more ways to “go green” as a business than merely placing a strong focus on energy-efficiency or recycling. It’s a good starting point, of course, but if you want to stay relevant, you need to think outside the box. Start with your company’s physical surroundings, for example:

Why not take a more creative approach to „going green“ and make it all about your business’ landscaping?

With a few professional touches, well-kept lawns, and some unique vegetation that will make your corporate landscape stand out of the bunch, you’ll not only present your business in a new light but show that you care about the environment, as well. It’s a minor investment, but the pay-off is outstanding.

Final Word

If you’re already investing all that time and resources in a skilled workforce, marketing, and branding, a relatively minor investment required to attain the landscaping worthy of your business should be readily justifiable. You need to be ready to extend the positive image of your business beyond the four walls of your office.

Now that you know how landscaping affects your business, it’s time to look at the bigger picture – and the Danshap Landscaping company can help you do just that. They’ll help you create the picture-perfect landscape that will benefit everyone – from potential clients to investors and employees.


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