Heavenly Made Terrace Views By The Sea

Dream hotel terraces, terraces of exceptional holiday homes, terraces of very private cabins… In South Africa, Spain, Greece or Corsica, admire these terraces at the end of the world, which all have one thing in common: facing the sea. Simply but comfortably furnished terraces to contemplate a breathtaking view of natural, preserved and heavenly settings.

An incredible sea view terrace in Mykonos

In a dream villa in Mykonos, Greece, a terrace faces the Aegean Sea. Large sofas in white fabric furnish this magical setting. Perfect for enjoying, in peace, the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.

A wooden terrace facing white sand beaches

Seaside Eden in your sights with this ultra-modern bungalow terrace overlooking the beaches and its white sand. On this terrace, around the large table and its iroko benches by designer James Mudge, meals are organized facing the sea.

A terrace between sky and sea in Cape Town

Perched on Llandudno Bay, in Cape Town, South Africa, this terrace has its feet in the Atlantic. It is part of the magnificent villa of photographer Jean-Marc Lederman and seems to levitate between the sky and the ocean. Majestic and imposing, the structure that supports bay windows opens onto the outside with blue and more blue in the line of sight…

A dream terrace facing the lagoon

The roof of the cabin-style holiday home extends outside to shade the large terrace overlooking the lagoon and its vegetation. This sunny space is the ideal place to read, rest or simply contemplate the beauty of the landscape. To make it an extra room with more comfort, the owner made mattresses placed on the raw concrete floor for the whole family as an outdoor dormitory.

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