Garden Furniture For A Small Well-decorated Space

If you are lucky enough to have a corner of greenery, a mini-garden, or a small balcony, do not despair of developing it. Smart furniture with compact volumes, folding chairs, and tablesstackable or easy-to-store stools… There is bound to be a solution for installing garden furniture in your small outdoor space!

Which garden furniture to choose for a small space?

To optimize the space of a small balcony or a small terrace, it is advisable to choose outdoor furniture that knows how to adapt to the circumstances. A few tips :

  • Prefer folding or stackable chairs: you can only install the number of seats you need. The others will kindly stay put.
  • Extendable tables are also interesting.
  • Choose furniture that can be moved easily.
  • Think of space-saving suspended furniture.
  • Opt for visually light garden furniture so as not to overwhelm the space.

Discover in pictures the garden furniture for small spaces of the moment!

A compact garden furniture

This table and chair set is not only very aesthetic with its minimalist lines but also very practical since once you no longer need them, chairs and tables come together to optimize your space.

A small folding table

For space-saving garden furniture, adopt a small round table that folds up easily when you no longer need it.

A small and elegant garden furniture

Modern garden chairs (and which can be stacked for easier storage) and a very practical coffee table with its shelf… Enough to enjoy your mini outdoor area in style.


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