Flowers on The Fence- Beautiful Addition to Every Yard

In the cities balconies and terraces are often the only place where you can grow flowers outdoors. The balconies and windows with flower decoration are exceptional and the yards and streets also. That little “garden” can become the pride and joy of the tenants, as well as a beautiful picture of all passersby and neighbors .The plants on the terraces, windows or fences have hampered the growth conditions. Exposed to strong winds and sun, which effect is enhanced by the proximity of the walls and window panes.

That’s why should we choose varieties of flowers that are not too sensitive and resistant to wind and sun. In addition, you should know the basic living conditions of certain types of plants and take care of the place where are set . In each case needs to be decided which plants will be grown. Many beautiful effects can be achieved with a single species or variety, as well as various combinations. For example , the orange “mignon georgini” blue lobelii the front, mushkatli combined with arguratum, petunias, tegeres, asparagus sprenger and others. These plants blossom at roughly the same time and are very well complemented by its color and growth .




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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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