Do you have a flat roof goldmine?

Read this article and find out the reasons why flat roofs aren’t – as some people think – just a nuisance but they can be a goldmine. The team at Housebuyers 4 U, who operate as  National Home Buyers are very well versed in this whole topic. 

Could you turn a flat roof into something else and add to the value of your property? 

Most properties in the UK have strongly sloped roofs with tiles or slates. We live on a damp island with regular rainfall and some snow, so generally speaking our properties have strongly sloped roofs.

However there are some beautiful flat roofed buildings around too. Flat roofing for housing first took off in the time of art deco  and bauhaus – nearly 100 years ago now. It has been in and out of fashion on houses since, but in fashion for blocks of flats pretty much for 90 years. On houses for example it also made a comeback in the 1960s.

Take a trip around the suburbs of London, or around Bournemouth or Brighton and you will see some absolute gems of earlier 20th century designed flat-roof houses.  

In fact there are thousands of flat roofed buildings around. You see them especially on the coast and around the suburbs of many of our cities, like this Norman Webster beauty from the 1930s

Problem or Opportunity?

Anyone living in a flat roof house or apartment block will tell you that flat roofs need regular check-ups – more so than regular tile or slate sloped roofs – and need replacing over time.  This is because water will pool on them and frost will attack them, if there are any rips, tears, hailstone damage etc. . When that happens you can get leaks which will damage the structure of the building over time or even the contents. So, in many people’s minds flat roofs are just a headache, right? Well – no. That’s a narrow point of view and, given some thought and a modest investment, they are actually far more attractive and useful than a tile or slate sloped roof. The image below of the shabby flat roof repair is quite far from the truth.   

Creative use of a flat roof

In fact, many flat roofs can be adapted to be gardens, terraces, patios etc. Of course you will need to speak to an architect and you might need to get planning permission but you can make a terrace, patio  or a garden that will be a pleasure to be in and very substantially increase the value of your property. Here are just a few examples of what can be done, with a modest investment in upgrading your flat roof with access and fixtures,  from the very basic to the quite fancy.

As well as rooftop patios and terraces, some people make beautiful rooftop gardens for their houses or their flats, that are a great feature to attract any new buyer:

 With a garden, You will definitely need an architect to make sure everything is done correctly and any planning regulations are followed and any permissions sought. The supporting structure needs to be checked out and the roof needs to be 100% waterproof and capable of being walked on and carrying heavy objects – this is NOT a DIY job. You will also need internal or external access to the roof.

Conclusion – you might have a Goldmine upstairs

So, what do you think about flat roofs now? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Share the article too and see what your friends or family think. We hope this has given you plenty to think about.


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