Design Ideas for Your Rooftop Garden

Today, you can bring your garden up in your favorite place, the rooftop. You can turn your terrace from a blank, bland space to a flower-filled area with you lounging comfortably facing the heavens while the setting sun paints the sky in a magical color palette. And everyday, you get to experience this even when you’re at the heart of a highly urbanized civilization.

A rooftop is a luxury not just for city life but also when you’re in the countryside. The view is just breathtaking. The lush greenery surrounds your home and the mountain standing majestically in front of you in the rural region. In the city, you get the concrete jungle which creates a beautiful skyline towering all over. A rooftop garden is a perfect addition to these beautiful sights.

To help you recreate the space, here are several design ideas you may consider to turn your space into one beautiful landscape up there.

Focal Point

Just like any space, your rooftop begs a focal point where attention should be focused. It can be anything like a set of seating furniture, a statue, a fountain or a topiary tree shaped into something you like. Whatever it is, you should decide based on your preference, on what can grabs your attention and catches your eye.

Vary Plants

From small to large and flowering to non-flowering, you can create a disciplined yet stunning green space by varying your plants. On the corners, a hedge can give you peaceful seclusion and serves as a wall against prying eyes. Potted plants, from small trees to little plants like bonsai, in different sizes can also bring a great look while providing the fresh breeze you need. Before you even start planting, talk to an expert whether the rooftop can hold the weight of your planned garden. Safety comes first, after all.

Garden Furniture

The roof terrace is your open room. It serves as a grand extension to your home. It can be anything like an entertainment arena, dining area for soiree or just your own open but private space. This open-plan garden needs the right furniture that can accommodate your leisure.

Seating arrangements are always necessary, especially that you’d be spending frequently day and/or night. You can also add some shade with large umbrellas when summer sunshine glows. Retractable is also a great option, giving you flexibility to keep it open during the warm season, feel the fresh air and be amazed by the stellar sky.


At night, the ambience becomes more intimate and lighting can set the mood for long conversations. Lighting spells magic at night and you can experiment on so many types including dim lights, series lights or underwater lights. Apart from electrical things, traditional materials like lanterns and candles still work their charm.


Setting up a rooftop garden is a steep hill to climb. But, it doesn’t end there. Maintenance is also key in keeping its grandeur. Water supply needs to be constant and a sprinkler can greatly help during summer. Also, ensure you perform regular gutter cleaning & repair. Otherwise, your roof terrace will be flooded.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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