Commercial Floor Cleaning – Make It Easier Using The Right Equipment

Cleaning a floor might seem like a simple task at first but if you want to do it properly then you gotta think about doing it thoroughly and that is just so much more than just running it over with a wet mop. First of all, there are distinct differences between various types of floors. A wooden floor is quite different from a limestone-tiled floor and especially different from a carpeted floor. This means that you can’t expect to use the one and same cleaning technique to clean each floor type properly. Sometimes, a floor can be made up of a few different materials.
For each floor type, you’ll need to have the proper tools and Capital Equipment Hire is a great way to make sure you have the correct equipment.

1. Vacuums

Depending on what you are cleaning, a regular domestic vacuum cleaner can do the job just fine but in many cases it won’t be as effective as using a professional vacuum cleaner that can get the job done much faster. By professional, a vacuum cleaner can be designed for use in commercial or industrial roles. These are also the cases where a household vacuum cleaner is not a great choice.

2. Sweepers

If you’re looking to clean large floors in an office or a warehouse, you will need a sweeper. It is the one piece of equipment that will make your life a whole lot easier. There is no need to compare the effectiveness of using a sweeper to clean a large area with a person doing that same work manually.

3. Pressure washers

Pressure washers also come in different shapes and sizes and while you might be familiar with the type of pressure washer usually used in households, a high-pressure washer is also very commonly used for industrial purposes. But even so, there are a few types that are best suited for different surfaces.

4. Carpet extractors

Most offices nowadays have carpet floors which makes them a lot more comfortable for work but does it make it easier when it comes to cleaning? Depends who you ask. If you go to the janitor with a regular vacuum cleaner, they’ll say they are struggling to get the dust out from the carpet but ask someone with a carpet extractor and they will tell you it’s a breeze.

5. A combination of all

For establishments that do need different cleaning solutions but do not have a lot of work for them, a piece of equipment that combines a few of these techniques is best suited. It all depends on the needs of your business, the space and personnel that you have at your disposal.


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