Clever Tips How to Make Perfect Japanese Garden

Unlike the European way of decorating the garden, Japanese design includes many flowers. More attention is paid to the various types of rocks and leaves that thus takes us closer to the nature. In addition, an important role in decorating game have the water – from water fountains to beautiful ponds. Japanese garden will create the perfect place to relax from everyday stress. If you want to create a special sense of satisfaction in your garden, try to make a Japanese garden. It is based on the principle of simplicity, mystery and detail.


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To create a sense of mystery Japanese garden, decorate the garden with paths which will separate the garden and make a “dramatic” inputs. Because of such sudden and gradual discovery scenarios with fountains, people admire the Japanese Gardens. Curved paths and fountains should be made ​​of natural stone that fits perfectly into the natural background, and if possible to have moss on them. These details are most appreciated in Japanese gardens.

Water act soothing, so if you choose a pond or fountain, make sure it fits more into the natural environment. To achieve this, add some water plants, for example bamboo. The Japanese garden is modest when it comes to plants. The default is to use plants such as bamboo, cherry wood, pine or Japanese maple. In the ponds place lotus or other water plants that bloom. Do not forget the moss that helps in creating beautiful surroundings and soft textures.


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The stones are very important in a Japanese garden decoration. First place large stones, while others are surrounded by them. Also add little stones and gravel place besides water, whether as part of that area or inside the water. If you want a sandy path, play with shapes, colors and size of the stones. Make a path that will be partially in the shade and partial light that will be interesting to look during the day. Japanese gardens seem simple and uncomplicated. Although they look simple, it should be borne in mind that it should reflect the elegance of the real environment.


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