Baffle House by Clare Cousins Architects in Melbourne, Australia

Project: Baffle House
Architects: Clare Cousins Architects
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photographs by: Lisbeth Grosmann

Baffle House by Clare Cousins Architects

The Baffle House is a project by Clare Cousins Architects in Melbourne, Australia. It is in fact an addition to an already existing Edwardian cottage that integrates with the old bungalow and the garden.
The project takes its name from the structural steel baffle that shades the house from the sun and also creates a smooth transition between the home and the garden space that surrounds it.

The new pavilion blends the old and new parts of the cottage in a seamless manner while the baffle framework contrasts the brick and shingles cottage while also casting dramatic shadows upon the garden in the morning and during the afternoon.
But it is much more than just an exterior space with a table and chairs around it. The addition has been specifically designed as a solitary living sculpture. The entire idea of the project was for the small bungalow to overlook and expand out into the addition.

This contemporary garden pavilion is a compact addition to an Edwardian cottage. Conceived to maximise exposure to a small, sculptural garden, the pavilion achieves porosity between the interior and exterior. The structural steel baffle regulates sunlight, providing protection from the summer sun and casting dramatic shadows throughout the day.

Clare Cousins Architects


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