American Barbecue – How To Nail the American Way Of Having A Barbecue?

Have you heard about the American barbecue?

The American barbecue started to gain popularity, especially among people who live in apartments, since some of its models make little smoke, being, therefore, the most suitable for this type of housing. Want to know more about American barbecue and its advantages and disadvantages? So keep following the post with us:

What is an American Barbecue?

Despite the name, American barbecue doesn’t have to come directly from Uncle Sam’s land. This type of grill refers only to the models commonly used there, that is, basically an aluminum grill (or other material) with a lid and grill to roast the meats.

Today you can find three versions of American barbecue: gas, electric, or charcoal. And what are the differences, advantages, and disadvantages between them? We’ll tell you next.

Types of American Barbecue

American gas grill

The American gas barbecue model is mainly characterized by the fact that it is built-in or fixed to a countertop. This is explained because the barbecue requires the use of a continuous source of supply which, in this case, is made by the gas pipe connected directly to the kitchen or gourmet area where it is installed. 

The model is usually more expensive than the others and still has the disadvantage of not being able to be moved from one place to another. Another problem that is usually pointed out in this model of barbecue is that it does not give the characteristic smoked flavor of barbecue. On the other hand, it practically does not smoke, which makes it possible to use it even inside apartments. The gas grill also has the advantage of maintaining constant heat and temperature, preventing the meat from being overcooked or underdone.

Electric American barbecue

The American electric barbecue works in a very similar way to the gas model, with the difference that its source of supply is electricity. In this sense, this model of barbecue also needs a fixed point to work, being usually used in a built-in or superimposed way on some furniture or bench. Due to their larger size, most electric American grills cannot be transported, except models that come with a table included, but even so, they are usually transported only in the environment itself, making it difficult to take them inside a car, for example. 

Another negative point of the electric barbecue is that it does not give a smoky flavor to the food, in the same way, that it happens with the gas barbecue. As an advantage, the electric barbecue is the safest model of all, in addition to not emitting smoke, being, therefore, very suitable for closed environments or apartment balconies that do not have a barbecue in the project.

American charcoal grill

The American charcoal grill is the most traditional and well-known model of all.  It was she who popularized the concept of American barbecue here. This model of barbecue is almost always small, portable, with wheels, and easy to transport. Many of them can have a round shape, like those often seen in American barbecues. 

One of the great advantages of this type of barbecue is that it can be taken from one place to another, being very useful for those who frequent campsites and clubs. The American charcoal barbecue is also ideal for those who appreciate the smoked flavor of the barbecue since the burning of charcoal is the main responsible for the generation of smoke and, consequently, the characteristic flavor of food prepared on the grill. 

However, since we are talking about smoke, it is worth mentioning that one of the biggest disadvantages of the American gas grill is the release of smoke, much greater than in other models. 


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