9 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas to Deal With All the Clutter

Your kitchen cabinet storage plan may need an upgrade if you have a small space or you’re struggling to find a place for everything. There are plenty of ways to find hidden storage spots if you don’t have any more square footage to expand your kitchen. One of the most effective ways to find more space is inside of your kitchen cabinets. Here are nine storage ideas for your cabinets to help reduce the clutter.

1. Trash Can Pullout Space

A storage solution for your garbage basket can be easily created with a pullout cabinet that houses your waste basket. Keep trash hidden away from guests and nosy pets. You can even have your garbage bags conveniently stored next to the trash can area.

2. Cleaning Supplies Storage

If you’re not sure where to keep your cleaning supplies, like mops, brooms, and cleaning products, try getting a separate cabinet installed on either side of your refrigerator. If your cabinet is as tall as the fridge, you can easily keep these useful supplies close to any potential major spills.

3. Baking Pan Organizer

Some homeowners are so cramped for space that they must resort to keeping baking cookware in the oven. Instead of relying on this potential safety hazard, you can take an existing taller cabinet and put partitions inside to keep sheet pans separated and organized.

4. Cooking Utensil Dividers

Cooking utensils are another source of clutter for many. Try getting simple diagonal dividers in a large pullout drawer to keep these necessities neat.

5. Spice Rack Shelf

Your spices can be reorganized for better access if you go with a small wire rack to place in a cabinet near your range. Clean out old or expired spices first before tackling a new storage system.

6. Cereal Box Swing Out

Another topic of frustration for many cluttered kitchen owners are cereal boxes. A swing out cabinet that can house your cereal selection is a good idea to keep these items from being haphazardly stacked.

7. Pots and Pans Hooks

Pots and pans are another big space hog in your kitchen. One solution to keep them from piling up on your counters or your stove is to install hooks in a larger cabinet. Then, you can simply hang them while not in use.

8. Slim Canned Food Storage

Canned food can quickly overwhelm your pantry. Try getting a slim cabinet to pull out in between the fridge and the main cooking area to keep these cans from taking over. A beautiful cabinet design from Superior Stone & Cabinet can incorporate storage details like this.

9. Small Kitchen Appliances Hideaway

Finally, there are plenty of kitchens that have reduced counter space because of small kitchen appliances taking up room. Many of these appliances are only used occasionally, which makes the waste of space even more frustrating. Consider using a larger hideaway cabinet to keep these tools in their own place.
Using cabinet accessories and features in your kitchen design can help you transform a cluttered space into one that’s organized and clear. You can add details to your existing cabinets or choose add-ons in a new look.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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